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Is possible to execute the Steady-State Analysis from simulation script?

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I want to write a script that allow to execute the steady state analysis by varying one or more parameters for simulations.

Is possible to do this?

Best regards
asked Feb 3 by lrubino01 (17 points)
edited Feb 5 by lrubino01

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Hello Irubino01, 

There is a good example in the Documentation in the chapter Simulation Scripts:

mdlVars = struct('varL', 50e-6);  
opts = struct('ModelVars', mdlVars);  
plecs('scope', './Scope', 'ClearTraces');  
inductorValues = [50, 100, 200];  
for ix = 1:length(inductorValues)  
  opts.ModelVars.varL=inductorValues(ix) * 1e-6;  
  out = plecs('simulate', opts);  
  plecs('scope', './Scope', 'HoldTrace', ...  
        ['L=' mat2str(inductorValues(ix)) 'uH']);  
  [maxv, maxidx] = max(out.Values(1,:));  
  printf('Max current for L=%duH: %f at %fs\n', ...  
         inductorValues(ix), maxv, out.Time(maxidx));  

Adjust example according to your circuit and instead of

plecs('simulate', opts) 


plecs('analyze', 'analysisName', opts)

where 'analysisName' is the Description string of your Analysis.

Best Regards, 
answered Feb 5 by Falk Kyburz (64 points)
selected Feb 6 by lrubino01

Thank you for your reply, but I need other informations to apply your method. Starting from your suggestion,


>plecs('analyze', 'analysisName', opts)

>where 'analysisName' is the Description string of your Analysis.

where can I found the syntax for the description string?

Best regards


Hello Luigi,

Have a look at the attached minimum example. This should get you started.