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Where can I find an example of digital peak current control of a buck converter?

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I have found last week the demos example of a digital peak current control mode of buck converter on this website but now I don´t find it any longer
asked Feb 16 by EMdude (54 points)

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The Demo Browser (and Help Viewer) has a search function.

  1. Open the Demo Browser by choosing the menu "Window > Demo Models".
  2. In the frame on the left hand side click on the tab "Search". (If the frame is hidden, click on the tool button with the magnifying glass.)
  3. Enter your search term "digital peak current control" and click on "Search".
  4. The first hit "PLECS Demo: IControl.plecs" is most likely the model that you are looking for. Click on the link "Open this model" on the top right to open the demo model.
answered Feb 16 by Wolfgang Hammer (99 points)
selected Feb 16 by EMdude
Thank you very much, Mr. Wolfgang, I have got immediately the model and now I have another question if you would like to answer it for me. I want to get the frequency response and Bode plot of that model for :

1-control to error Vout(s)/Verr(s).

2-control to output Vout(s)/d(s).

3-control to line Vout(s)/Vin(s).

best regards,