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At t=0: Electrical model inputs are infinite or NaN?

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hello, I am getting this error in my plecs circuit (blockset) whenever I use 02 controlled source voltage connected to same source signal as shown here in the attached pictures.

thansk in advance
asked Feb 21 by EMdude (54 points)
retagged Feb 22 by Wolfgang Hammer

1 Answer

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The "Signal type" parameter of the inport "Vbat_in" is set to "Gate signal". This is indicated in the block icon by the angular brackets around the port number. Please see the documentation about the meaning of this parameter.

If you use the input signal to control a voltage source, you must set the "Signal type" parameter to "Continuous signal" or "auto".
answered Feb 22 by Wolfgang Hammer (99 points)
selected Feb 22 by EMdude