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Li-Ion Battery model: R-Model

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So I am trying to analyze a lithium ion battery using the R -model suggested here:

I am extracting all the correct parameters as suggested in the document; however, I can get the charging current and voltage and SOC to be displayed correctly. I'll attach the documents below and both scopes of what im getting and what I should get.

Help plz!
asked Mar 20 by Junior9696 (22 points)

1 Answer

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hello, it looks like you've reversed the end of exponential zone with the end of nominal zone. in the figure attached (from ref#7 in the documentation) they points out the three datapoints on the curve and it is assume the end of exponential zone is in between the full charge point and the end of nominal zone point. from your init file it looks like they are reversed.
answered Mar 23 by munadir (48 points)
Hi munadir, thanks for the answer. However, I m not sure what u mean by reversed concerning the exponential zone and the nominal zone. Do you mean the values are reversed? Because I believe the capacity at nominal voltage should be higher than the exponential from the figure from ref 7.