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Scope GetCursorData through XMLRPC

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My question is similar in spirit to:

where the user wanted to use the plecs('scope', 'scopepath', 'ExportCSV', 'filename') plecs to export some scope data to CSV using python's xml rpc client.

I would like to use plecs('scope', 'scopepath', 'getcursordata', [t1, t2], 'analysis1, ...) from xmlrpc but server.plecs.scope('scopepath', 'GetCursorData', [t1, t2], 'analysis1', ... ) returns an "invalid method parameters" error. My guess is that this is another function which does not translate to xml-rpc? If that is the case is there any plan to port these "missing" functions from plecs standalone script environment to xml-rpc?

asked Jun 19, 2019 by nhawes (17 points)

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