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Using CAN on the RT Box 1

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I'm trying to make use of the CAN interface on the RT using the digital breakout board.

As soon as I check the CAN1 in the Coder options I get an error saying:

"Target response 401, Error transfering - server replied: Internal Server Error

Communication with realtime simulation failed."

when I start the build process. This happens with an empty PLECS model and with and without any connection to the D-Sub connectors.

Same happens when using the CAN Transmitter from PLECS standalone.

I have also monitored the CAN interface using a CAN-2-USB adapter and did not see any sort of communication by the RT box.

See attached a screenshot of the whole setup.


Best regards

asked Jun 26, 2019 by gntja (12 points)

The user community may not have any insight on specific RT Box use cases, but you are welcome to contact Plexim's official support channel at with information on your PLECS license and issue.



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