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PLECS help viewer display problem

0 votes
PLECS help viewer is all blank and displays nothing when clicking the element help button. Only shows the frame of the help viewer window. Internet connection is good.


Could you please help to figure out the problem? Thanks!



asked Oct 3, 2019 by yfWang (12 points)

This type of question should be directed to the PLECS Support Team rather than the user community ( Are you using the latest version of PLECS? And what operating system are you using?


2 Answers

0 votes
you need to ask this question from support not from community side but for sure it's your browser issue.
answered Oct 7, 2019 by Phini (14 points)
+3 votes
PLECS uses a web engine to display the help pages. By default, the engine uses a software renderer bundled with PLECS. However, we have observed cases where it does not work properly. For this reason, as of PLECS 4.2, we have added an option to enable hardware-assisted rendering based on the OpenGL/DirectX libraries installed on the user computer.

To switch from software- to hardware-assisted rendering, please open the “PLECS Preferences” dialog in the “File” menu and deselect the checkbox “Use software rendering” in the “OpenGL” preference. After restarting PLECS, the help viewer should work again.
answered Apr 3, 2020 by jost (36 points)