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Controlling the thyristors of the B6C rectifier with 6-Pulse Generator?

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I need a driver for a B6C (6 thyristors) and came across the 6 Pulse Generator. Now I have the problem that I get no gate current at each 2 thyristors. At "phi" I have a Pulse Generator, connected to "enable" a constant signal. What value do I enter with enable?
Under "alpha" I have my steering angle in rad. Am I on the right track or are I missing something?

Behind the 6 pulse generator I have a signal demultiplexer with 6 outputs. From the top I usually have no signal at the output 4 and 5.

Hope you understand my problem. Excuse my bad english.

Thanks for your help!
asked Oct 22, 2019 by vossienz (12 points)

Your "phi" value should represent a ramp signal, not a pulsed waveform. Have you seen our demo model "Three-Phase 6-Pulse Thyristor Converter" included with PLECS? I recommend you see that and come back with any new questions.



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