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current source modeling in the plecs

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Hello, I am trying to make the model of the current source converter in the plecs. I have two inductors in the filter and transformer leakage inductance. Between these components appears current mismatch and some current spikes. How I can model this situation in the PLECS? The model of the power part and control in the attachment.
asked Oct 28, 2019 by shurikspk (20 points)

1 Answer

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This is physical impossible if you try to force a current step in the inductor, you can solve adding the resistive part of inductor, this will equal the fluxes. ‚Äčit does not depend from simulation tool

Just as reminder the transformer resistance in series is what you measure at the switching frequency not the DC one.

Unfortunately PLECS simulation miss some model and I cannot launch it

answered Oct 31, 2019 by tinivella (106 points)