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Program logs for out of memory error.

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I am getting 'out of memory error' for one of my simulations. I have tried all the steps mentioned in technical solutions for out of memory error, but nothing helps. I even tried running the model on a separate system having 64GB RAM, but still the simulation is aborted due to out of memory error.


Can you please suggest the remedy for this? Is there a way to check the program logs, where I can find the details of the error.


asked Dec 31, 2019 by snehathakur (64 points)

Since this is a generic question and you have not posted a model it's quite difficult to provide specific feedback.

Hi Kris

I had to remove all the thermal models, and parasitics from the simulation in order to make it work. I am now running simulation with ideal switches, no loss calculation, no heat sinks and it is working fine.



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