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How do I calculate the dual active bridge efficiency and round trip efficiency. Thank you

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asked Feb 3, 2020 by josephs (12 points)


Are you referring to the "Dual Active Bridge" demo model built into PLECS? If so, please refer to the model "Buck Converter with Thermal Model" to see how you can use the PLECS Probe component to monitor switching and conduction losses associated with the switches. Once you have set up your model to monitor all switch losses, you can determine the efficiency using a simple calculation of 1-Ptotal-losses/Pinput_power. This assumes one side of your system is delivering power, and the other side is consuming power. Of course, you can reconfigure the source and load to determine the losses and efficiency in the other direction after. Does this help answer your question?



Can I get the plecs simulink model of Dual Active Bridge, because I am not able to find in the demos
If you go to the PLECS library in Simulink, there is a set of demo models. Under the power supply category you will find it, and the models are listed alphabetically.

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