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if I double click on my C script block in my PC nothing shows up

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I receive this model from my colleague but if I double click on the Cscript nothing shows up why?

What can I log to give better feedback?

asked Feb 12 by tinivella (96 points)

The C-Script block in this model opens up as expected for me. Is it possible that the block opens up partly off the edge or your display or on another screen? You might also try using the latest version of PLECS as there has been a bug fix release or two since you last updated. Otherwise, this is more of a Technical Support question than appropriate for this forum, and we ask you to contact Plexim directly.


I have tested on both PC and the result is the same

I will also try to upgrade before contact the remote support
Hello, did upgrading help?


1 Answer

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The position of the C-Script dialog stored in the model file is at an off-screen location. PLECS should ensure that the dialog is moved to a visible location in such a case, but apparently this does not work here.

You can fix this by making a copy of the C-Script block because the dialog position of the copy is reset to the default location in the middle of the screen.
answered Mar 26 by Wolfgang Hammer (381 points)