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parse error by initialisation

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Hallo Ladys and gentleman,

after initialising the parameters in circuits. I I got this error which I don't understand. "

Initialization commands of model 'can' cannot be evaluated: parse error:syntax error" . Did someone experience it?

thanks in advance

asked Feb 25, 2020 by christi (24 points)
I have the same issue. Anyone solved it? Kris suggestion didn't work for me.
Hello, can you also post your model? You need to close statements with a semicolon and cannot have spaces in variable names, so do check those possibilities. Thanks, Kris

1 Answer

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The first and last line contain variable assignments where the variable name has spaces, which is now allowed. You can change these to "param_ui_amp" and "param_Io_phase_offset", for example.


answered Feb 29, 2020 by Kris Eberle (1,288 points)
thanks Kris u are the best :-)