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Error when using python script to simulate plecs

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computer system version :windows 10 professional

python version : 3.7.0

PLECS version :4.3.6

Hi, when I was using the python script to simulate PLECS model ( a CLLC resonant DAB with dead time effect), this error occured occasionally:

Error in component 'cllc17/Crt_DAB/SL/Turn-on Delay': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated: load: unable to find file C:\Program Files\Plexim\PLECS 4.3 (64 bit)\octave\share\octave\octave_packages. The PLECS just got stuck and there wasn't any output or simulation data on the scope.

Then, I restarted PLECS and got this error:

Error in component 'cllc16/Crt_DAB/SL/Turn-on Delay' Initialization commands cannot be evaluated: unable to get last error description.

HOWEVER, when I copied the same circuit and created a new file, it worked fine.

I am wondering how this happens and what can I do to avoid such error.

asked Mar 3, 2020 by lzx (12 points)
edited Mar 4, 2020 by lzx

Unfortunately we at Plexim can't help much without your Python file, but since that is an external tool the issue may also be outside the scope of our support.


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