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Load current missmatch

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helo people,

i am observing Behaviour of the current on a symmetric tree phase system. the max current at the load  ist 1A and i dont understand why  the red current  ist -1.22  AT THE SIMULATIONSBEGINN. it seems like a current mismatch at the beginn. how i can solve that?i calculate the initial current from inductance within the phase


thank in advance
asked Mar 11, 2020 by christi (24 points)

1 Answer

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You are calculating the initial current flow incorrectly.  Currently, your simulation assumes the current is in phase with the voltage.  However, there is a phase shift due to the RL load.  Please look at the Simulation + Simulation Parameters + Initialization tab for an example of how to calculate the initial three-phase RMS current, and then the instantaneous current for each phase.

answered Jun 3, 2020 by Bryan Lieblick (1,679 points)