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Anyone has a solar PV array model which I can use in the Fixed-Step Solver please?

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I have a solar PV model working on the variable-step solver based on the following:

However I am in need of a similar one which works with the Fixed-Step Solver so I can integrate it properly with the rest of mysystem. Any help or advice please?

Thanks and best regards,


asked Apr 14, 2020 by JustinXuereb (16 points)
What are your requirements for using a fixed-step solver? Are you aware that PLECS/Simulink allow for mixed-mode simulation in that a continuous or variable-step solver can be used while still allowing discrete components to always be called at the correct times? You can, for example, also put a controller model within a triggered subsystem so that it has its own discrete timing while the rest of your continuous model is more accurately calculated using a continuous solver. Let me know if this is helpful!

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