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How to change the text of legend?

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I have connected a DC motor and a displayed electrical torque on XY plot, later I need to have three electrical torques on the same graph and for every characteristic in graph legend it says electrical torque, how to change the text of legend so one would know which line is for which motor?

asked Apr 17 by Tomule (15 points)

1 Answer

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With normal PLECS Scopes, you can change the signal name from within data window. From the PLECS Help: "When the cursors are activated, the data window appears if it was not already open. By default, the data window displays two columns in which the time and data value of each signal at the position of each cursor are given. The signal names are also displayed and can be modified by double-clicking on the name."

However, with XY plots you cannot activate the data window in a similar manner.  One workaround is to take advantage of the fact that the signal names are defined by component name prior to the scope. An example is shown below, but you could conceivably implement this in several other ways.


answered Apr 22 by Bryan Lieblick (92 points)
selected Apr 23 by Tomule
One more workaround is to change the name of the probe defined in the component mask for each machine.  This is done by right clicking the component and selecting Subsystem + Edit Mask and then navigating to the probe tab.  This requires breaking the library link and is a more cumbersome workaround in my opinion.
Thanks, Bryan.