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Include paths in C-Scripts

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Hi all,

I am using external code (header and source files for specific functions) in a C-Script, e.g.

#include <my_functions.c>

It all works when the included file is in the same directory as the simulation model. If the files are more than a couple, it would be nice to have them in a separate folder, but so far I couldn't manage to use a relative path like

#include "./Lib/my_functions.c"

(same with backslash and/or <> brackets).

Is there any way to use relative paths in this context?


asked Jun 4, 2020 by Sandro Calligaro (12 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Sandro,

This is possible.  Perhaps your directory structure doesn't match how you are entering the relative paths. 

Attached is a simple example that works.  The external C files are in the "lib" folder that is in the same directory as the PLECS model.

If the files were structured differently, say "proj/models/scriptTest.plecs" and "proj/lib/my_functions.c" then you would change the include to: #include "../lib/my_functions.c"

Hope this helps address your issue.
answered Jun 8, 2020 by Bryan Lieblick (398 points)

Thanks Bryan,

your model works. I modified my #include path accordingly, and it works now.

I'm a bit surprised that to make it work we must not use "./" nor ".\" before the subdirectory name, although dot seems to be standard (both in UNIX and DOS) for referencing the current directory...