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How to input rated values of a synchronous machine in parameters tab

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Hello, I am using a synchronous machine (SI units) for my model, there is no option to input the rated power, voltage/frequency in the block parameters. How does the software presume the rated values. Is there any mapping from the available parameters?

Any leads could be really helpful! Thanks in advance
asked Jul 6, 2018 by aarthisv26 (12 points)

1 Answer

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As with all physical components in PLECS, the configuration of machine models is done with parameters specified in physical (SI) units. If your machine parameters are known in per-units, with associated nominal/rated values, then they need to be converted to physical values before they can be used to configure PLECS machine models.
answered Jul 16, 2018 by Beat Arnet (68 points)
I also have this problem and I don't think it answer the question. Is their a way to set the rated power or derive it?