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panning the schematic with mouse-click-drag

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Hi all,

I seem to remember briefly having a middle-click-drag functionality or something similar to pan the view of the schematic sheet (without needing to scroll or zoom), but once again seem to find that all drag actions only affect components or component selection. Does (did?) this feature exist, and if so what is the right way to easily pan the schematic sheet to move the view around? This is a surprisingly useful feature, and now not being able to find it makes the editor a bit claustrophobic.

Tried on both PLECS Standalone 4.3.6 and 4.4.1 and could not find the option in the documentation or preferences settings.


asked Jun 10 by natech (12 points)
Hello Nate,

There is no pan view feature as such, but you can selectively zoom in to the part of the schematic using your mouse. Place the cursor in the general area of the schematic you're interested in zooming, then by holding down the control key (or command key on Mac), scroll up the mouse wheel. This should zoom into the area near the cursor. If you have an option to scroll sideways in your mouse, you can scroll the zoomed screen using your mouse wheel to center the desired area of the schematic. Hope this helps.


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