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Is it possible to change block parameter during simulation?

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Hello all,

it might seem the usual question but it isn't.

I have an ideal transformer and its parameters are written in the initialization commands.

I would like to change the number of turns during the simulation (like a tap changer) so I can change the value of the secondary voltage (or primary) and so the power.

I saw there are a lot of useful tips to change parameter during the simulation in the forum (1-D look table, step, ecc..) but I think that no one can be right for my purpose.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance!





asked Jul 12, 2018 by nikilito (113 points)

1 Answer

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Unfortunately it is not possible in PLECS to tune the parameters of a non-signal during a simulation. One idea though is that you could try and build a tap-changing transformer from primitives. You would need to use a multi-winding transformer, physical on-off switches, and switching logic to control the electric connections determining which windings are used at any given time (and therefore controlling the tap ratios). I would suggest using a lookup table to define the switch state logic and start with a simple example before scaling up.

Best regards,

answered Jul 25, 2018 by Kris Eberle (1,511 points)
Hi Kris!

Thank you for your answer!

Then I will try this way..

Best regards!