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RT-BOX setting problem'Unable to find library component 'PLECSRTBoxLib/Digital In1' referenced by component '

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I have got an RT-BOX student licesne from my supervisor, but when I open the RT-BOX online simulation  file given by my supervisor, it occurred with some error messages. I have already changed the RT-BOX preference setting according to the tutorial ,is the path of RT-BOX I have set wrong?

Although I know I can substitute the components from the 'PLECSRTBoxLib.plecs' file ,but I still wonder how can I solve the problem since my university and lab have bought the software and the hardware of RT-BOX.

asked Jul 15, 2020 by shichenseu (299 points)

1 Answer

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Maybe I have solved the problem, we should choose the path like this.

My version is plecs-blockset-4-4-1_win64.

answered Jul 15, 2020 by shichenseu (299 points)