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The converter simulation mode

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Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to build the converter simulation mode like the web simulation tool of ABB and infineon. I wrote the initialization commands in block Mask to describe the vector relationship of current and voltage.  but I don't understand how to realize the simulation only by these input parameters below.

DC Link Voltage (Vdc)
Output Current (Iout)
Output Frequency
Switching Frequency
Modulation Index
Power Factor cos(φ)
Load Type

And the load type, for inverter, how to get the capacitive load? For rectifier, how to get the inductive load?
Thank you!
asked Aug 1, 2020 by Stephen kilobox (12 points)

1 Answer

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Since your question is very specific to PLECS WBS and not the core tool, please contact about this. Thanks.

answered Aug 3, 2020 by Kris Eberle (1,226 points)