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Importing a parameter in Simulation script and using it as a variable.

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Hello PLECS users/team,

I am fairly new to PLECS and struggling with calling a variable from my simulation into the simulation script. I am able to call the variable from initialization but not from the simulation. My aim is to call a parameter which is generated in PLECS and use it as a variable inside the simulation script. I have tried plecs('get', ..) command however I am not successful.

Kindly let me know how it can be done. Thanks in advance.
asked Aug 10, 2020 by Mayuchip (12 points)
Some of the terminology you're using is not clear to me.

Can you post a simple model showing what you are trying to do?  It's ok if you need to use dummy variables or include in a code comment "I would like to access variable 'x' here".

1 Answer

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As Bryan pointed out it's not very clear what you're attempting to do. However, from what I understood I attached a simple example for you.

To retrieve the results from the PLECS simulation to your simulation script, you can either use a scope block or a signal outport block. In the attached example, we calculate the duty cycle "d" of a boost converter from the PLECS simulation, which we can then use in the script for post-processing, or use this value in a second PLECS simulation. Is this similar to what you're intending to do?

answered Aug 12, 2020 by Manu Parimi (363 points)