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How to make the 28379D launchpad compatible witih the default 28379s code generation option in c2000

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Hello, I can only find 28379D launchpad in the market ,but I can't find the 28397s launchpad in the online market in China.The oscillator frequency of 28379D is 200MHZ, but the default setting of System clock frequency is 190MHZ.So maybe the 2837xS is of no use to us? Or what can we do to make it usable for 28379D launchpad?

Thank U 

asked Sep 3, 2020 by shichenseu (287 points)
I found that I can use the EPWM  module very fine ,but I still can't use the DAC module……There isn't any demo or video for me to study.

1 Answer

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I got my answer in the tutorial video External mode and Parameter Inlining!!!
answered Sep 4, 2020 by shichenseu (287 points)