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PMSM DTC - direct torque control, with outer speed control loop

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So the idea is to use the DTC example of the induction motor and adapt it to a PMSM, while:

1) using angle measurement.

2) fixed carrier switching frequency of 10kHz

3) motor is defined in the file

4) implementing the block diagram Fig 6.

5) implementing switching table Table 4.

6) adding a torque=f(angular speed[rpm]) dependency

The document reference is:

I have added my file with my actual status.
asked Nov 11, 2020 by qre4ever (17 points)
Hello, thank you for sharing your model!
Thank you for uploading the model

1 Answer

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I looked at your PLECS file and the angle inport is not going anywhere. is there a later file?
answered Feb 27, 2023 by pH (18 points)