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What is the search path for a Plecs model? Is it different from the demo models available in the documentation?

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Is the search path for a component same as the thermal library location? The demo models (DAB+thermal model) runs even if i remove the thermal libraries location from PLECS preferences,  as it searches along demos/dualactivebridge.

But when I just copy this model or any component of this model to another file, it is not able to locate the component along the search path. The required components are already available in the Wolfspeed thermal library which I am pointing to in PLECS preferences for thermal lib. Why is that?

Does defining the file and its parameters in the simulation parameters window create this difference?

Please help.


asked Sep 19, 2018 by snehathakur (64 points)

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please see the section "Global and Local Data Sheets" in chapter "Thermal Library" of the PLECS manual:

In addition to the global library search paths specified in the Preferences window PLECS searches a private directory for each model. This allows for sharing models with other users without the need to synchronize the whole thermal library. The private directory is located in the same directory as the model file. Its name is the name of the model file (without the .mdl extension) plus a suffix _plecs, e.g. plSMPS_CCM_plecs for model plSMPS_CCM.mdl.

The purpose of the local data sheet directory is to allow models to find their thermal data sheets independent from the users thermal search path (e.g. for demo models).

For the Dual Active Bridge demo model the thermal data sheets are located in the directory dualactivebridge_plecs. If you copy the model to another place, you either have to copy the directory with the thermal data sheets too (and rename the directory accordingly) or place the thermal data sheets on your thermal search path.

Kind regards,

Oliver Schwartz

answered Sep 20, 2018 by Oliver Schwartz (602 points)
edited Sep 21, 2018 by Oliver Schwartz
Thank you Oliver.


There is a small mistake in the Dual Active Bridge model in the parameters initialization where turns ratio, n = 4 but it should be n = 1/4 as, n_pri = 4; n_sec = 16.

Screenshot attached.


Hi Sneha,

'n' here is actually the turn ratio w.r.t the secondary side. For example, in the electrical transformer you can choose '1' as your number of turns on the primary side and 'n' as your number of turns on the secondary side.

But I can see why it can be confusing.


Hi Manu

It is confusing. And this one thing is messing around with my calculations for this DAB.

I am trying to find the inductor current and it does not match with the model file. I am using the model parameters (V1 = 95 V, V2 = 380 V, fs = 252e3, L = 2.052e-6, N1 = 4, N2 = 16) following equations to calculate the current at point A and B, screenshot attached: 

Can you please help?

Thanks Sneha