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How can I use the CAN package to connect 2xTI c2000 launchpad?

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Is there a way to interconnect 2 launchpads c2000 for real-time simulation to these share data each other in case of robust control (more data/signals)? Any tutorial, demo or suggestion of how can I use the CAN library of TI c2000 for that task?.
asked Nov 28, 2020 by efrain ibaceta (36 points)
how can I connect the DSP 1 of the scheme with the second one in a real-time simulation?

1 Answer

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Hi Efrain,

I have attached a simple CAN demo model, where I am sending CAN signals from a TI 280049 LaunchPad and receiving these signals on a TI 28379D LaunchPad. The CAN terminals on these two launchpads are externally connected using jumper wires.  See the attached images.

Note: For building a model on the MCU directly from PLECS, only one launchpad should be connected to the computer at one time. However, once the models are uploaded, you can connect multiple launchpads to the external mode at the same time.

Hope this helps!



answered Dec 2, 2020 by Manu Parimi (297 points)
Dear Specialist: I still have one question to ask: which one is faster for real-time implementation of launchpad, CAN or SPI communication ?
very helpful, thank you very much.