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How can I use the SPI package to connect 2xTI c2000 launchpad?

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I found a rather intersting question in the following page :

As we all know ,maybe SPI communication package is a little faster for industrial use , does anyone have similar demo file?Thank U a lot !!! I can't express my gratitude further.

asked Dec 2, 2020 by shichenseu (287 points)

1 Answer

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Find a simple SPI demo model attached, illustrating signal exchange between one SPI Master and two SPI Slaves. As shown in the figure, the model is split into two subsystems; each subsystem can then be independently deployed to the corresponding real-time target. The first subsystem with one SPI Master and one SPI Slave is configured for the TI 28069 LaunchPad and the subsystem with one SPI Slave is configured for the TI 280049 LaunchPad. 

A detailed description of the SPI protocol and signals, as well as considerations for overrun errors, are given in the SPI Master and SPI Slave block descriptions. Click on the "Help" button of these blocks or refer to the TI C2000 Target Support User Manual here.



answered Dec 7, 2020 by Manu Parimi (297 points)
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