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Open circuit problem about PMSM model using rotor reference frame

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PLECS libraries provide two PMSM models: rotor reference frame and voltage behind reactance (VBR). The model under rotor reference frame is more efficiency for calculation, but it cannot solve the problem when PMSM is open circuit.

    In PLECS, I notice that there is no any other treatment for rotor reference frame model of PMSM. As a result, if the PMSM is connected directly with three-phase half bridge circuit, and when all the IGBTs are switched off and operated at rectifier function. In particular, all diodes are still in off-state, PMSM would be operated at open circuit. So, how to solve this problem in PLECS for PMSM in open circuit.

asked Dec 21, 2020 by shirmin001 (12 points)
As you have pointed out, the rotor reference frame model cannot be interfaced with naturally commutated devices connected directly to the stator terminals.  This is the motivation behind using the VBR model, which be interfaced with such circuits at the cost of numerical efficiency.  Is there a reason why the VBR model is not suitable for your application?

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