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how do I fix the overruns issue with slave A module of Launchpad 28379D?

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Hi everyone, happy new year,

I have the following issue. With the launchpad 28379D working as master and slave at the same time, the simulation presents overruns in the slave module (see ). is there any solution for that issue? I attached the file anyway. Additionally, I afford the following pin map configuration:

7 - 47 (SIMO)

19 - 59 (SOMI)

15 - 55 (CLK)

14 - 54 (\CS)
asked Jan 1 by efrain ibaceta (36 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Efrain,

This is probably because the value of "Mode" is different for the SPI Master and Slave blocks in your model. When I set them both to the same value, I no longer see an overrun error.


answered Jan 4 by Manu Parimi (297 points)
Hi Manu,

Can you send your pin set connection, please? I took account your point of change the "mode", but still, it doesn't work yet since the simulation doesn't display data as shown in the picture "Screenshot_1". I need that information to know if the pin-set connection is wrong (please review the attached photos). or at least send me a photo of your launchpad XL f28379D and its physical wiring, please. Any detail about the pin connection and jumper settings I'd be grateful.


Hi Efrain,

Your model looks good to me. I have the same setup here, please see the attached pictures. Try unplugging the red TI launchpad board from the green launchpad interface board and see if that makes any difference.