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PLECS- how to implement continuous integration

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I want to sample current across inductor in regular time samples. For example find current delta at t(i+1)-t(i). How can I implement that. I tried using function block. inductor current is a continuous signal. I want to find delta between two successive samples continuously.


Any help is appeciated.


asked Jan 15, 2021 by Samk (16 points)

1 Answer

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> I want to sample current across inductor in regular time samples.

If the sample instances are fixed, then one approach is to use the Zero-Order Hold (ZOH) Block with a Discrete-Periodic sample time input.  You can enter the sample time parameter as "Tp" or "[Tp,To]" where Tp is the sample period and To is the offset in seconds within that sample period (0≤To<Tp).  You could then use ZOHs with different offsets and subtract the results.

A basic example is attached.


answered Jan 18, 2021 by Bryan Lieblick (1,301 points)
Thanks Bryan.This helps