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ac sweep analysis of open loop resonant controller

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Hello Everyone,

I have been stuck on some problem about the AC sweep. The problem is that i cannot obtain 40 db gain at 650 Hz although i did give 100 as a gain to the controller.

I can get correct results using anther program, however it employs linearization. It is not suitable for the aims of my scope.

Kind Regars.
asked Jan 15, 2021 by muratkarabacak (12 points)
The output of the AC Sweep seems reasonable to me.

If I replace the perturbation with a sinewave at 650 Hz and 0.001 magnitude, representing the AC analysis at just that frequency with the settings you specified, then the magnitude of the output is 0.00333 for a gain of ~30 dB. This agrees with the AC analysis.

Perhaps there is something different in your PLECS implementation than compared to theory or the other tool you are using?
You are right, there was a mistake in the model.

Thank you very much for your support.

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