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Hello I have to use switch and fuse together with battery system but i have not found any fuse symbol in PLECS library.

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How i can add a fuse in my circuit.Thanks
asked Feb 10, 2021 by Habib381 (12 points)

1 Answer

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answered Feb 11, 2021 by Kris Eberle (1,595 points)
Hello Kris,

Thanks for your response.Actually this is not useful for me.This is a thermal fuse block but I have to use fuse after a switch for DC -DC converter on off scheme which is connected on one side of battery terminal and second side of DC link .

Do you just require that the fuse disconnects the converter from the battery terminal if a certain current is exceeded? If so, you can use several primitive blocks (Ammeter, Constant, Comparator) to create the logic to define the fuse state, i.e., measure current, compare it to current threshold, open switch if threshold is exceeded. Does this help?