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How to perform an open circuit test on a transformer

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I am trying to perform an open circuit test in PLECS but I am struggling to get realistic values. An example is the current when there is no load is coming back more than 20A with a 240V supply.

I have attached an image of my setup. Where am I going wrong?
asked Feb 12 by ahook1 (12 points)
There is no image attached...
Don't know why it wasn't but it is now...

The turns ratio is 1:10 and the source is connected to the low voltage side.

1 Answer

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Hi, unfortunately it's not clear from the schematic how you are representing the impedance (any copper/core losses). Can you include your actual model, or at least show what's inside the subsystem?
answered Feb 19 by Kris Eberle (1,226 points)