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Space Vector PWM doesn't work with fixed-step solver

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I'm trying to use the "Space Vector PWM"-Module with a fixed step-size / on the RT-Box with Plecs 4.5.3. 

When running/compiling I get the error "Variable-step discrete tasks are not supported with a fixed-step solver or a 'Discrete state-space' model.", which is caused by the modules C-Block.

Is there a workaround for this, or is rewriting the code the only option?


asked Feb 16, 2021 by mmsat (21 points)

1 Answer

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I remember there is a demo 'three phase npc inverter' or something like that, in which there is also a SVM controller, but the SVPWM algorithm is implemented in the launchpad ,maybe you can run your algorithm on launchpad and test your circuit topology on your RT-BOX?
answered Feb 18, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)
selected Feb 18, 2021 by mmsat

Found it in 'npc_solar_inverter_lcl_active_damping' ... thanks!