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Where does this bidirectional DC-DC demo block come from?

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Dear specialist: 

      I got this bidirectional DC-DC demo block from one of your demo, but unfortunately I cannot find where it comes from , and I really want to know the innital command of this block ,can you tell me which demo contains this block?

%% current controller

C.f_Iloop = C.fs; % sampling frequency

C.Tp_Iloop = (1.0/C.fs)/2; % equivalent delay


C.Ti_Iloop = 2/C.Rl*C.Tp_Iloop;

C.Tn_Iloop = C.L/C.Rl;


C.Ra = C.Tn_Iloop/C.Ti_Iloop; % Kp

C.Rsa = 1/C.Ti_Iloop; % Ki


%% voltage controller

C.f_Vloop = C.fs/10; % sampling frequency

C.Tp_Vloop = (1.0/C.f_Vloop)/2; % equivalent delay


C.Ti_Vloop = 8/C.Chi*C.Tp_Vloop*C.Tp_Vloop;

C.Tn_Vloop = 4*C.Tp_Vloop;


C.Ga = C.Tn_Vloop/C.Ti_Vloop; % Kp

C.Gsa = 1/C.Ti_Vloop; % Ki


asked Feb 19, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)

1 Answer

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This appears to be an old or incomplete version of a power stage included in some of our demo models, but see, for example, the "Power Split Hybrid Vehicle System" model. Let me know if this helps.
answered Feb 19, 2021 by Kris Eberle (1,356 points)
Wow, my dear ,thank U so much!!!!