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A new approach of realizing derivative block in RT-BOX or launchpad ,is this idea correct?

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Although there is a similar question in the forum:

But the C-script contains the 'currenttime' so it's not compatible with the RT-BOX and  launchpad ,while  there is  already a PID block in the latest plecs software, so can we utilize the PD function ,setting the KP=0, and adjusting the deriviative filter coefficient to realize the derivative function?

asked Feb 24, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)

1 Answer

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But maybe using the memory block can also achieve the derivative function,but we have to run it in the fixed solver~

answered Feb 25, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)

I have same question about derivative block to work with RT-BOX and Launchpad.

But I test two methods you proposed is still not working.

Do you have any idea about this function?