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How to connect simulated transformer coupled bridge rectifier to Buck converter?

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Below attached file is Bridge rectifier and Buck Converter connected together , I need to know if the way i connected is ok?

The result i'm looking for is to convert 230vAc from 8:1 turns ratio transformer into 12vDc in the Buck converter's output.


I doubt how to make the bridge output as converter input or i have a problem with my controller!

Help me please
asked Dec 8, 2018 by Ali84 (12 points)
Hello, I don't believe you posted the correct model based on your question.
How about this one? I forgot to connect the Bridge rectifier, hope the model is fine right now

Yes, this version is now showing the rectifier and buck stage. I believe you are achieving 12VDC average if you remove step down transformer from the model, but I'd also assume your ripple is unacceptable and you should therefore revisit your controller. You might want to look at a reference for buck PFC design, such as this:


Thank You @Kris_Eberle

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