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DLL example error filename

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I have tried to use DLL but I always have the same error message:

"Error evaluating parameter 'Filename' in component Modulation: Cannot load library 'C:\Temp\visualSVM\MOD\Debug\dllMOD.dll'."

The file "dllMOD.dll" exist and is in the same directory than my plecs file

I have already tried to compile and gebnerat DLL with visualStudio and CodeBlocks.

Any idea ?

asked Mar 15, 2021 by gateau (14 points)

1 Answer

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One common source of this issue is the DLL's target platform not matching the PLECS version. With a 64 bit PLECS executable, the DLL must be compiled for a 64 bit system.

Are you compiling for an x64 target platform?

Are you able to successfully compile a simple model from the "Using the DLL Block" tutorial?

answered Mar 16, 2021 by Bryan Lieblick (1,995 points)
Thanks for comment. I change the target n Visual Studio to x64 and it is now working !