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How would I go about creating a three phase squirrel induction motor? [closed]

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Hi there, having a couple issues currently when it comes to trying to create a three phase squirrel induction motor in PLECS and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this. I just want to run a three phase induction motor on a mechanical load block diagram on default parameters currently so I can see how it runs.
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asked Apr 1 by Mecki (16 points)
closed Apr 9 by Mecki

2 Answers

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See how simulink realize it and reproduce it in plecs?
answered Apr 8 by shichenseu (259 points)
Thanks for the reply, I have my system that I want to reproduce into PLECS now, I did some researching on induction motors, squirrel cage IMs in particular but one question, how would I reproduce a Magnetic powder brake in PLECS? is there a similar block that I can use with the same effects as a MPD that can also have a controller connected to it to control the set point?
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There is a squirrel cage induction machine in the PLECS library. Maybe you could explain why this doesn't meet your requirements.
answered Apr 9 by Oliver Schwartz (355 points)
The squirrel cage motor meets my requirements but I still need the mechanical load block diagram, so I need a three phase supply which I have access to, torque, volt, current, power, mech power and rpm sensors which I also have access too, mech power I am not 100% sure which sensor to use just yet but i havent fully checked for this. Finally i need a magnetic powder motor this is the one block i cannot find and I am not sure what PLECS has in place of this block. Followed by a controller to change set points.