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Is it possible to change the scope image to ''CSV.file'' format during the RT-BOX&launchpad experiment

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Dear specialist:

    I want to get the 'CSV format' data of RT-BOX or 28379D launchpad during the HIL test, however, the 'to file' module do not support the code generation, so how can we change that function?The image in scope is a little inappropriate to be put in academic paper ,so I want to redraw the image in matlab using the CSV format data.Maybe we can only try that function in CCS?So are we able to store these data in flash area of launchpad and read it after the experiment?

asked Apr 7, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)

Maybe in this way?

Yes, exactly!

1 Answer

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For the RT Box 2/3 there is a "To File" block to write data to the internal SSD or an external USB stick (in Target Support Package 2.1.x). In the future we may also offer this for the RT Box 1, but since it has no SSD and the USB port is only USB 1.1 the bandwidth will be quite limited.
answered Apr 9, 2021 by Oliver Schwartz (463 points)