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Help with the types of blocks in PLECS Blockset 4.4.4 for my diagram

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Ok so on further research I have come up with a new diagram but one I have not produced on PLECS just yet, the fun part will be finding all the block diagrams for what I need as ive never used the software haha. But basically I am going to have my three phase ac supply connecting to the stator windings of my squirrel cage induction motor, in between the motor and supply I want to have my measurement devices reading the input values, this will be the usual power, voltage and current readings. I will then connect the squirrel cage motor up to a magnetic powder break which basically just slows down the motor using the powder inside combined with the increase of current on the magnetic field, for this I have connected a motor controller, and finally having an output measurement connected measuring the Torque, Rotor speed in rpm and the mechanical power output. SO compared to my previous diagram that I posted this is a lot simpler. The supply and induction motors are basically blocks, so the squirrel cage motor comes with the 3 connections for the supply and a further output for the brake, the motors parameters are there to be changed inside the programme PLECS. So that side of things is simple enough and only the values I want to change need to be changed such as the frequency, voltage, coefficient and number of poles. The magnetic brake I'm not exactly sure what to do with at the moment as I cant find a block for that. The input measurements I can do using the normal meters, which should be similar with the outputs.


This section has been pasted from another forum i posted on to explain what I am trying to make and a little background on each part. But I was wondering if anyone could help me with some parts of this. The magnetic powder block, how exactly would I add this? as when I check the library I cannot find the block that I need although i could be looking in the wrong place. Also how exactly would I connect this up and would I need to add anything to make the measurements? id assume the software comes with meters to measure the power current and voltage along with specific meters to measure the torque mech power and rotor outputs. This is a new programme for me so I dont know how everything works just yet.


asked Apr 7, 2021 by Mecki (16 points)
Many components you referenced are available in the PLECS component library including a range of motors, inverters, and meters.  However, for specialized components you'll have to derive your own model and build it out of fundamental components.

For the powder brake, could it be as simple as a controllable torque source applied to the shaft?

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