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How can I write the following in C-Script block? [closed]

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h = 20000*sin((2*pi*f*T));

len = round(2/(f*dt));

for i = 2:len

if (i<len)

dH = h(i+1)-h(i);

if (dH>0)

delta = 1;


delta = -1;




where, the code above is written by matlab code and i want to use it in c-script. I'm already wrote some of code lines in c-script and working properly, actually I'm stuck in dH equation.

so please advice me to write it in c-script, you can check on the matlab code in attachment


closed with the note: i found the solution
asked May 16, 2021 by Yasir (14 points)
closed May 22, 2021 by Yasir