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What does the "Number of points" refer to in AC sweep Analysis?

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in the Analysis tools, the numbers of points mean the number of automatically distributed frequencies and in the default value, it is written 21. can you please tell me what it refers here? any formula that describes it?


asked Feb 19, 2018 by EMdude (75 points)

1 Answer

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Per our documentation:

Frequency scale

Specifies whether the sweep frequencies should be distributed on a 
linear or logarithmic scale.

Number of points

The number of automatically distributed frequencies.

You can change the number to be something different from 21 and whether you want the points to be spaced linearly in between your minimum and maximum frequency or using a logarithmic distribution.

Thank you,



answered Feb 21, 2018 by Kris Eberle (1,595 points)
selected Feb 22, 2018 by EMdude