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About the power-hardware-in-the-loop test and RT-BOX

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Dear specialist:

  I am looking forward to your newst product of power-hardware-in-the loop, which is more practical than the CHIL. As our college has bought some power-hardware-in-the-loop test equipment from opal company, I wonder whether I can use the Power Amplifier equipment from opal company to help the RT-BOX to do PHIL test...Is there an alternate way to do PHIL test?
asked Jul 8, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)
NOTE: Plexim does not offer PHIL equipment and the RT Box is not intended for interfacing to power hardware.

1 Answer

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I have uploaded the image of equipment, maybe it will take some time to learn how to connect RT-BOX with the equipment to do Power HIL test.

answered Jul 8, 2021 by shichenseu (299 points)