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Hello everyone,

I am currently modeling a power converter and I wanted to take into account as much as possible. I am using the MOSFET with Limited di/dt, but I also wanted to add the Cds (Coss - Crss) from the MOSFET. Is there a way to add that? Because the way I see it, the gate port only accepts control signals.

Thank you,

asked Feb 22, 2019 by victorpaduani (15 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Victor

remember to not "overmodel", the accuracy of a simulation is always limited! (I learn it on my skin). Keep it the simulation fast with conduction and switching losses extracted from a real double pulse tester.

Using the double pulse with a similar layout of converter and real gate resistance, you will have all the info you need from your converter
answered Mar 1, 2019 by tinivella (106 points)