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Need to previous versions of TI C2000 Code Generation Target Support Package

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Hii Plexim Team,

Where I can download the previous versions of TI C2000 Code Generation Target Support Packages that support PLECS 4.1.8.

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,

Manikandan Raju
asked Sep 3, 2021 by mr_naidu (23 points)

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the PLECS TI TSP is only supported by versions of PLECS 4.3.x and later, so you cannot use it with 4.1.x. By the way, I see that your university's licenses are for 4.1, but your current trial license is for the latest (now at 4.5), so this is at least an option for you.


answered Sep 3, 2021 by Kris Eberle (1,575 points)
Dear Mr.Kris,

Thanks for your reply. Since we purchased launchpad XL TMS320F28869M (Photo attached) with RT box 1 and PLECS software long time back (in 2016) , I hope there should be support for that.

My trail license also expired. I applied for new trail license kindly do needful.

Thanks & Regards,

Manikandan Raju