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Buck converter control malfunction

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Hi, I am trying to control a buck converter, I implemented voltage control method and designed it on paper first, checked the TF via matlab and everything seems accurate till now.

Now I try to simulate toe boost and the output voltage is the same as the input voltage and I am really puzzled, I checked the buck analog control demo and copy pasted some stuff from there and still I get the same output.

I am thinking maybe the issue is from the op amp circuit, but I dont know how to navigate that.

thanks :)

I attached the schematic, the output from the scope and the project.
asked Sep 24, 2021 by AliAbdelrahman (12 points)

1 Answer

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One point I could see is that the op amp power supply is not connected to ground. Could you please explain more about why you are adding some constant to modulating signal?
answered Feb 8 by Sivakumar Gannamraju (21 points)