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it is possible to communicate a launchpad with a rt box via SPI e.i. master slave?

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recently, I see an SPI block from the TI-C2000 and RT BOX libraries from PLECS. So, is there a configuration or a demo model where a rt box and C2000 launchpad shares data by this SPI blocks. E.i., where the rt box is the master; whereas the c2000 is the slave? I'd be grateful.

asked Oct 3, 2021 by efrain ibaceta (38 points)
Efrain, yes this is possible. There is no ready-made example.  However, you should be able to easily test this yourself.

The one complication is that depending on the MCU you're using you will likely have to use jumpers to connect the RT Box digital IO to the C2000 SPI pins.  The LaunchPad breakout board may not connect all the required IO.

If you encounter issues in your implementation, post your model for further discussion.

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